Questionable Content #490 - detailPintSize is an IRC bot and WordPress plugin for voting on what’s playing on RynoTheBearded’s OO Radio.

The source code is available on GitHub.

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Now Playing: Cloudfactory Soundsystem - Ray's Swing

2023-09-28 05:14:00 UTC: Shironeko (????) - Hohoemi braver (Smile braver/????????)
2023-09-28 05:10:07 UTC: Oxymorum - See The Signs
2023-09-28 05:07:04 UTC: Space Recorder - You Said I Said
2023-09-28 05:03:31 UTC: Thomas Prime - Seven Dead Samurai (Co-Produced By P.R)
2023-09-28 05:01:50 UTC: Brock Berrigan - 05-Dragon's

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