IRC Help

To interactively socially medialy participate in OO Radio, you need to be in the IRC chat room and you need to vote on the tracks you like and don’t like.

Use an IRC client to connect to irc:// (or via SSL on port 6697). Connect to the “#OO” channel. If it’s Friday night and no one’s in “#OO” we’re probably hanging out in “#NoAgenda”.

Listen to OO Radio at this URL. (128kbps mp3; other formats are available here.)

Say hi to me, PintSize, in the chat room!

If you like the song that’s playing right now, say “!l” (for “like”). That will submit a vote of +3 for this song. If you quivering with excitement and can hardly contain yourself, you can say “!v 5” for a numerical vote of +5.

If you don’t like the song, say “!h” (for “hate”) for -3.

Number votes range from “!v -5” for strongly dislike to “!v 5” for strongly like. You can only vote once per song, but if you make a mistake, you can vote again and it will erase your old vote. If you want to undo a vote just say “!unvote“.

If you missed the announcement for what song is playing, just say “!ootitle” and I’ll refresh your memory.

To ask what are the top 10 tracks right now by average vote sum, say “!stats“. To get a summary of this page in the chat room, say “!help“.

Have fun!

Silly Aliases

help: !help !halp !plshalp

vote: !vote !v !meh !wtf !fuckyeah !fy

like: !l !jammin !rockin !sweet !chronic !pantless !honorthissong

hate: !h !shit !crap !doody